Abyei gets Covid-19 testing machine

GeneXpert machine

Abyei Administrative Area has got a machine for testing covid-19,  health partners have said.

The machine which has been installed at the MSF hospital in Agok, arrived from Juba late December and is in use. It is hoped that the presence of GeneXpert machine in Abyei will enable the area which has confirmed cases of the coronavirus fight infection.

Save the Children International’s Health Country Director says the machine was provided by National Ministry of health as part of efforts to fight covid-19 in the country

Dr.Ramsey Muorwel says that medical workers will be able to manage and respond to cases better than compared to previous time.

“Now we have the machine called the GeneXpert at MSF hospital for confirming Covid-19 so if the person is found positive, people should start with protocols for treatment of the victim. And if it is the person who does not require treatment, then he or she should be isolated at home and monitored there. So, there are some of the new things which are happening in Abyei for Covid-19,” said Dr. Muorwel.

This means samples taken from suspects will be screened here in Agok instead of Juba’s public health laboratory. Before the arrival of the machine, samples used to be taken to Juba for testing, where the results took longer than expected to be released. But now it is just that the machine is available in the area, it is just one or two days to know your Covid-19 status.

“Yes, it is working, and it depends on the samples collected. Like now if can take sample from Juoljok hospital under Save they can be screened. Also, if there are suspects found at MSF, the samples can be taken and screened immediately. So, the work is going on well,” Dr. Muorwel explains how this device works.

He said 4 cases were confirmed with 1 death shortly after the machine was installed on the 29th of December 2020 and the first week of January 2021. This brings the number of confirmed covid-19 cases to 56 including 3 deaths in Abyei area.

The cumulative figure of the covid-19 cases in South Sudan has already passed 3,000 with 63 death. In the world, the number of confirmed cases is close to 84 million with 1. 83 million deaths as of 4th January 2021, according to World Health Organization.