Unknown armed men shell Nong village

Rocket-propelled Grenade. Courtesy of shutterstock.com

Abyei Administrative Area says unknown armed men have shelled Nong village in Alal County on Sunday night.

The area’s Security Advisor says two shells of Rocket Propel Grenade followed by AK -47s were reportedly fired into the residential area at 10 pm.

Hon. Kelak Kon Lual the incident caused panic though no causality or displacement reported. No suspect has been apprehended in connection to the attack.

This is the second time unidentified gunmen shelled areas in the norther part of Abyei. In December last year, a residential area in Amiet came under heavy shelling by suspected by suspected Misseriya armed men.

No person killed during that incident, but two young boys sustained injuries after falling off truck as they were fleeing the scene.