Floods displace about 3000 people in Twic county

Flooding in South Sudan, credit: JRS

An estimated 3000 people have been displaced by flooding in in Mangok Jiec village,  Ayien Amuol, Twic county of Warrap state, official says.  

Residents say a river locally known as Lol burst its bank over the weekend, destroying sixty houses.  The village chief says several other villages including Cueicin, Buutkor and Wutphec are also affected.

In an exclusive interview with Abyei FM, Chief Chol Yor Makuc says floods have caused huge damages in the area and appealed for assistance to the affected population.

“People are now camping under trees and they are living without shelters. No food and even clothes. We are now worried that people will suffer if there is no quick intervention because it is already winter and there is a lot of cool here. We are looking forward to NGOs support,” said Yor.

He said local granaries have also collapsed exposing the victims in a hunger situation. Local authorities say floods are becoming uncontrollable as dykes constructed by locals were washed away.

The area administrator Mr. Bhak Bol Bhak who puts the number of displaced persons at 3000 says many people have moved to higher grounds. The official appealed to residents on high grounds to accommodate victims as solution for shelter them is being sought.

“We are appealing to those who are living on high grounds to receive the victims and they should look after children very well so that they don’t drown. We also want them to live in peace. And other is that are appealing to NGOs to response to this crisis people area in,” said Bol

In response, the RRC office in Twic says that an assessment team has been sent to the area on Wednesday. Mr. Abraham Nyuol Yach, Deputy RRC Chairperson told Abyei FM on Wednesday that a team will gather details of the damages and the exact number of displaced persons to find ways of supporting them.

“First of all we need to know the level of damages and people who have been displaced so that we inform the NGOs. Like the people who have moved to open spaces, what is going to help them. So, I first need to check how many households have been displaced so that I will requesting NGOs knowing what is needed,” said Yach.

Yach urged flood affected people to be patient as the government plans intervention.

Floods have affected approximately 800,000 people across South Sudan, according to UN reports. The floods in South Sudan this year caused mainly by the rise in the water levels in the main water bodies.