Poor road disrupts subsidized sorghum supply

The supply of subsidized sorghum to Abyei Administrative Area is interrupted by road inaccessibility, Chamber of Commerce Chairperson, Chol Deng Chol said on Tuesday.

On Monday, sources in Amiet market said twenty-three trucks loaded with goods, destined to Amiet from Sudan stopped in Thok-Thok between Gouli and Deira, Abyei region because the road ahead was inaccessible.  

Chol revealed that only 40 bags of subsidized sorghum are left in the store.   But he said he was assured by traders that the  supply will arrive in Amiet market soon.

The sorghum project funded by the administration of Abyei and implemented by chamber of commerce, is a response to fight hunger which is being witnessed in some parts of the area.   

The administration and the traders agreed on purchase of 1,000 bags for sale to the locals. A ‘molou’ an equivalent of 3.5 kilograms of subsidized sorghum is 800 SSP, making 200-to-300 SSP difference with the market price.