Family of the murdered police general demands justice


The family of the retired police general who was killed in Sherikat, Juba on Sunday evening is calling for justice. Many witnesses told Abyei FM on Monday that Major General Bior Ajoh Bior was shot while playing cards in the military barrack.

South Sudan People’s Defense Forces, SSPDF’s spokesman, Major General Lul Ruai Koang confirmed and said the suspected killer was a sergeant from air defense unit of SSPDF.

South Sudan National Police Spokesman, Major General Daniel Justin said   the suspected murderer died of injuries on the way to hospital a few hours later. According to the senior police officer, the soldier was beaten by angry mob.

Speaking to Abyei FM on Wednesday, Justin said  investigation into the killing was launched.

However, Bior Keec, an immediate cousin of the late general says they are unsure about the death of the alleged killer of their brother.

“We exactly need to ask where is the person. The person that killed our brother. The government hasn’t told or the police hasn’t told us where is that person officially. We need to know by written and the reason,” Keec told Abyei FM on Friday.

Keec claimed the suspected killer had threatened the general three days before the incident. He said a case was filed at the police station.

Although the reason behind the killing of the general is unknown, some people went ahead and suggested it was politically motivated.

General Bior Ajoh Bior worked as  deputy director for administration at the National Police Service before his retirement.