Workshop on disputes resolution concludes in Abyei Town

Some of the participants who attended peaceful resolution of disputes in Abyei Town | Credit: Carbino Amum | AIRS 2020

A 3-day-work shop in which 20 women were trained on peaceful ways to settle disputes in the community, ended on Thursday. Nyankiir Chol Piok has expressed happiness. Piok says the knowledge they got from the training will help them in addressing problems among women.

The training organized by CONCORDIS international, was attended by women selected from all the counties and Abyei town. The representative of CONCORDIS says a similar workshop for Misseriya women will be organized too. The venue of the workshop was Abyei Women’s Association building in Abyei Town.

Two weeks ago, Aluel Dholic, Secretary for peace in Abyei Women’s Association told Abyei FM’s Peace Chance program that they would meet to discuss role they could play in making peace sustainable in Abyei region.