Boat donated by Ayok Diil Worldwide is in Abyei Administrative Area

Ayok Diil Boat which arrived to Agok in Rumamer County on 26-08-2020 | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

A boat donated by Ayok Diil Worldwide in the diaspora arrived in Abyei Abyei Administrative Area on Tuesday. The new rowboat has the capacity to carry 60 people.

The deputy secretary general of Ayok Diil Worldwide, says the boat will be handed over to the community next week. Rech Daniel Ador says an official ceremony will be held in Rumamer County headquarters where the boat will be operating along River Kiir.

“It will be handed over in a ceremony probably on Monday,”  Daniel says adding, “It will be more than colorful, we will slaughter two bulls.”

Arop Kuol Kon, chief of Diil Clan, thanked Ayok Diil Worldwide for the donation saying the boat came at a right time when the river is full. He added that the one they use for crossing the river leaks. The chief says the boat will help in the transportation of sick people to health facilities located on the other side of the river.

In May, residents of Rumamer and Mijak Counties expressed worries that lack of a means to cross Kiir river would reduce access to some basic services during rainy season. There is only one bridge across River Kiir, so most of the population are relying on boat.