Some traders in Abyei want tax reduction

Acting Deputy Chief Administrator Kon Mayiet Matiok pictured in his office | Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2020

Traders in Abathok market are calling for the reduction in the number of rates being collected at the check point in Abyei town. They cited multiple taxes as reason for high prices in the area. Kat Akanon, chairman of chamber of commerce in Abathok spoke to Abyei FM on Friday.

“When a trader adds the tax and the value buying price, it can increase the price of a ‘maluou.’ We the traders are saying the government should look into this,” Akonon said.

According to the businessmen, there are five offices in Nyin-Kuac where traders pay taxes for goods coming in.

Kon Manyiet Matiok is the acting head of local government and law enforcement in Abyei Administrative Area. He says those taxes are legal and should be paid.

“One person can be exempted from tax is a consumer,” Kon said.

Last month, Abyei Administration shut down all the check points except the one in Nyinkuac in Abyei town. On Tuesday, the administrative officer of Abathok Payam said some families were hit by hunger due to scarcity and high prices of food commodities.