Abyei private sector employees wonder why they aren’t paid social insurance funds

Mr. Chol Changath Chol, Director of Jieng Company Limited | Credit; Chol juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Some employees are demanding for inclusion of social insurance fund in their contracts. They are questioning their employers why there is no money being given in to them at end of their service.

A man who works for a company in Agok said on Friday that some companies do not consider the rights of their employees. He confirmed that his current agreement does not include social fund.

The Director of Jieng Company in Agok, Chol Changath says they are waiting for directives from labor office. The Director of Labor and public service in Abyei Administrative Area, Mayol Changath, said they never receive such a complaint from such workers. He says it is an employee’s right to be paid social fund.

According to South Sudan labor act, 2017, employees should be given some package at the end of their employment. The money is contributed by both the employer and the employee.