Abiemnom women in Abyei receive money from Australia

One hundred US Dollar Bill   | Credit: Martin Deng Kuol | AIRS

Some women from Abiemnom in Ruweng Administrative Area living in Abyei Administrative Area received 200 US Dollars on Friday last week. The money was donated by Mayath Monytuic Wek, a man from Abyei living in Australia. Mayath said he was impressed by songs sung by these women. He listened to these songs on Abyei FM online live broadcast.

The women sung the cultural songs praising some individuals of Ngok Dinka during the repair of the road between Ajak-Thony and Juol-jok last month. The women expressed happiness for the gift asking God to bless the man.

However, Mayath did not specify the song that really motivated him to give money. In July, residents of Juol-jok and its neighboring villages mended a section of the road which was washed away by water last year. The volunteers-mainly young men refilled the damage and built a culvert across the road.