Public latrines in Aniet market to reopen

Latrine block in Aniet market

The public health Inspector in Agok says public latrines will reopen on Friday. Dau Achuil Ayuel says they a farmer has offered them a space for dumping the sewage.

“Nothing will prevent us unless they don’t work today because we did not get the machine,” he added.

He says they have communicated to MSF to help them with a generator and a tank. The sewage will be drained out from the latrines once they receive this equipment. Traders are saying the condition is difficult following the closure of the public latrines.

On Wednesday, a trader he saw some people defecate in the open near Agok stream. Agok is the most populated town in Abyei Administrative with poor waste management system.

There are no landfills, so, solid waste from Aniet market are dumped near Agok stream, a practice authority was sharply criticized by residents last month.