SPLM members in Abyei urge chief administrator to pick competent people

Chief Administrator Kuol Deim Kuol poses for a photo with two other members of the SPLM in Abyei Town on 23rd July 2020 | Credit: Chol Ayiik Chol | AIRS 2020

Members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Abyei Administrative Area have told the new chief Administrator to appoint qualified people in his administration. This came during a meeting held in chief administrator’s office in Abyei town on Wednesday.

The Acting Secretary General of SPLM in Abyei Area, Deng Kiir Mater says the chief administrator shared his plans in the meeting.

Kuol Deim Kuol arrived in Abyei from Juba on Monday. During his rally in Abyei town on Tuesday, Kuol said he would not keep incompetent workers under his leadership for long.

“If you give someone who is not capable, I would dismiss him after every three months,” Kuol said.

However, he appealed to the community to nominate those who are capable. A few days after his appointment, Kuol re-assigned the executives in Abye Administrative Area to act until the new administration is installed.