Abyei Town-Amiet road under reconstruction

Abyei Town-Amiet being renovated by the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei | Credit: Miyen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

The main road between Amiet market and Abyei Town is being repaired by the United Nations Interim Security Forces for Abyei. The work started two weeks ago but halted over lack of quality soil for upgrading it.

Chief Nyol Paguot told Abyei FM the administration and the community have agreed on excavation of the required soil in Miyen Koor near Abyei Town. The chief says it is important to work the road because it is connecting Amiet market, the main source of supplies of goods.

In June, traders in Abyei Administration Area appealed to the administration to repair it before rains increase. They said the supplies of goods would be interrupted during rainy if no improvement is done.

Most of the roads in Abyei Area are almost inaccessible by vehicles or motorcycles during wet season. Last year, traders used bicycles to carry goods from Amiet market to other parts of Abyei Administrative Area as roads were damaged by water. As a result, there was scarcity of commodities leading to price hikes. The situation continued from July until late October.