Ngok Dinka’s Affairs High Council in Sudan member denounces new chief administrator’s appointment

The Deputy Chairman of Ngok Dinka’s Affairs High Council in the Sudan, has condemned the appointment of new chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area by South Sudan’s president.

In a statement dated July 12th, 2020 Abdusalam Maluk described the appointment as a “clear violation of Abyei Protocol and an attempt to undermine social security in the area.”

He stressed on the formation of joint administration in Abyei, saying Abyei is part of the Sudan. Maluk requested Sudan government to intervene to end unilateral decisions being taken by South Sudan. He also called for an urgent formation of joint administrations, police and judiciary.

In response, the Acting Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area rubbished the statement. Kon Manyiet says the statement does not represent the views of Abyei people in the Sudan.