Farmers told not to give up on farming

One the farms in Wahuchin-Rumamer Counnty in Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Deng Korchiek Ayom | AIRS 2020

The Administration of Agriculture has advised farmers to continue sowing seeds despite inadequate rainfall in the area. Agriculture Inspector, Deng Musa says farmers can still sow seeds of various crops including sorghum.

But one of the famers Duper Ngor, thinks it is too late to plant three-month-maturing sorghum. He said he is considering sowing quick-maturing sorghum on his lands.

Last week, farmers appealed to agriculture authorities and humanitarian organizations to give them additional free seeds after three weeks of less rains.

Food production last year was low as farms were destroyed by flood resulting from heavy rains forcing the population to mainly rely on relief food from World Food Program.

For the first time, Abyei Administrative Area opened its first food crop plantation farms as part of boosting food security in the area.