Abyei women demand 35 percent share in the upcoming government

Shima Deng-Leader of Abyei Women Union | Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Women in Abyei Administrative Area are demanding for full representation at all levels of administration that is yet to be formed.

A member of Abyei Legislative Council, Nyanjang Manyiel Rou said the new Chief Administrator should appoint one female commissioner and more as advisors and heads of administrations.

Chairperson of Abyei’s Women Association, Shima Deng wants women to be given positions of Abyei town municipality and increase their representation in Abyei legislative council. This is the second time for women in the area to call for full inclusivity in the administration.

In April, women leaders said they wanted a woman to be appointed to the position of deputy chief administrator and other senior positions to fully participate in decision making.

Acting Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area Kon Manyit welcomed the call and encouraged women to organize themselves and present their request in a more formal manner.

There are more than forty political positions in Abyei Administrative Area but only six are held by women putting women representation at less than 13 percent.

South Sudan revitalized peace agreement gives women 35 percent representation in the government. On Monday, South Sudan president, Salva Kiir appointed Kuol Diem Kuol as chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area.

Eight state governors and two other chief administrators were also appointed on the same day. Among eight state governors appointed was one woman from Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition.

Women’s right activist has criticized Salva Kiir for failure to name a woman on the ticket of SPLM-the ruling party. Betty Sunday urged president Kiir to dismiss two of the six state governors and replace them with woman.