Malaria cases on the rise in Abyei Administrative Area

Medics in Abyei Administrative Area say malaria infection are increasing. Kuol Arop, director of Mading Jok-thiang health center says they are receiving more than 20 cases of the disease daily.

Kuol says the facility has no anti-malarial drugs for adults but he said they are giving health education about the disease. He urged people to sleep under treated mosquito nets and keep the environment clean to prevent malaria.

Malual Biong, an official for Abyei Health Administration says they will send the drugs to the health center soon.

Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasites transmitted through bites of anopheles mosquito. Stagnant water and bushes are the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

According to World Health Organization, malaria killed more than 400,000 people worldwide in 2018.