Agok Executive Director warns citizens against violation of previous orders

Executive Director of Agok Administrative Unit-Mr. Deng Ali Bathbuny | Miyen Ajoung Ajuong | AIRS 2020

The Executive Director of Agok Administrative Unit, Deng Ali Bathbuny has warned owners of sports clubs and other traders do not violate orders from former county commissioner.

There was news that sports club were to reopen on Tuesday evening. He says local orders issued before are still valid and anyone who violates them will be held accountable.

According to the executive director, the administrators will still be doing their job until the new government is in place. This came one day after the formation of state governments by President Salva Kiir on Monday.

Kiir in his decree read on national television, appointed eight state governors and three Chief Administrators of Administrative Areas. Kuol Deng Kuol (Diem) is the new Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area. He replaces Kuol Alor Kuol.

Appointment of other executives in the states and Administrative areas is yet to done.

Formation of state governments is one of the requirements in South Sudan revitalized peace agreement.