Community police sustains gunshot wound

A member of Community Police is being treated for gunshot wounds in MSF hospital. Police say their colleague, Lino Kon, was shot in the knee while they were apprehending a gunman on Sunday. According to the police the shooter was drunk.

The executive director of Agok Administrative  Unit says the man was reportedly shooting indiscriminately in Mabuony residential area in Agok. Deng Ali Badhbuny confirmed his arrest. Police also said they arrested another man alleged of firing two bullets in air in Mabuony South.

The gunman just came from Mayom_Anyuon village in Twic County of Warrap state. Police say they are interrogating him about his purpose of entering Abyei box with a gun.

Abyei Administrative Area is an arm free zone where only the United Nations peace keepers are allowed to carry guns. Despite this status, the area has been witnessing shooting that sometimes involves loss of lives.