South Sudan kicks polio out



South Sudan will be declared polio-free in August this year.Last week, Africa Regional Certification Commission, ARCC, admitted South Sudan’s documentations showing that it has got rid of wild polio-virus.

ARRC is a body within World Health Organization African region responsible for certifying wild polio eradication. In a statement on Friday, the commission said it ‘validated granting South Sudan, Cameron, CAR and Nigeria a wild polio-virus free status.

“Following field verification visits over the past year and thorough critical analysis of the documentation of the polio surveillance, immunization and laboratory capacity presented by the governments of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and South Sudan, the Commission has validated that the countries’ documentation grants them wild polio-free status,”  the Commission said in a statement on Friday.

Professor Rose Leke, ARCC Chairperson said they ‘are satisfied with the documentation’ presented by the four countries.

“We are reviewing updated reports from the other 43 countries in the WHO African Region and we anticipate that by August 2020, we will deliver our final decision on the region’s certification status of wild poliovirus eradication,” said Professor Rose Leke, ARCC Chairperson.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti WHO Regional Director for Africa described it as ‘a major step’ in getting rid of wild polio-virus in Africa. 43 other countries in the region are going to be certified.

Polio is a viral disease that causes paralysis in people. It is spread through fecal-oral route and has no cure, but it can be prevented through vaccine.