Sudanese Attorney General says Al-Bashir handover to ICC is complicated

Former Sudanese President-Omar al Bashir | Courtesy of

The attorney General of Sudan said the handover of Sudanese former officials including Al-Bashir, to International Criminal Court is a complicated process but a definite decision will be taken.

Taj Elsir Al-Hebir said the transfer of the ousted former president Omar Al-Bashir depends on many factors. According to him, these factors including the position of victims’ families will determine what will be done next.

“This is a sovereign decision including many things and complicated issue,”. Taj- Elsir Al-Hebir said during a press conference covered by Sudan Tribune on Monday.

He vowed to hand over Al-Bashir to international justice.

“There is an arrest warrant to appear before the ICC, but there are several legal obstacles related to (the need to) amend laws, the outcome of the (peace) talks in Juba, and the sovereign decision that will be issued in this regard,” added al-Hebir.

Government has also agreed with rebel leaders to give Al-Bashir to ICC. He also revealed that new arrest warrants have been issued against other leaders and security officials of the ousted regime who were involved in war crime in Darfur.

The names of the newly indicted former Sudanese regime officials were not disclosed.