Abyei Town municipality sets motorcycle riding hours

Some of motorcycle riders pictured in Abyei Town | Credit: Mayen Ayuong Ajuong | AIRS 2020

Abyei town municipality has issued an order regulating the operation of motorcycles.  According to the local order no: 23 issued on Wednesday, motorcycles will work from six in the morning till ten in the evening.

The Executive Director of Abyei Town Municipality, Dut Piok Amuor says only security forces are allowed to ride motorcycles beyond ten in the evening. He warns that violation of the order will be punished by the law. Dut says the order was issued for a security reason.

A night curfew from 10 in the evening till six in the morning is being imposed in Abyei Administrative Area  and South Sudan. The measures were taken to control the spread of COVID-19. Abyei has eight confirmed cases of the pandemic.