Ugandan army killed four South Sudanese soldiers

SSPDF soldiers pictured in a pickup Land Cruiser vehicle

Four South Sudanese soldiers have been killed by Uganda People’s Defense Forces after gunfire exchange. South Sudan Peoples Defense Force, Spokesperson confirmed to eye radio.

Major General Lul Ruai Koang said the soldiers killed were patrolling the border area.

“Four from SSPDF and one from national police service were on foot patrolling along the border with Uganda to monitor the movement of people who are crossing illegally into the Republic of South Sudan and to enforce the directives on the prevention of coronavirus,” Maj. Gen. Lul told Eye Radio.

Lul claimed the area being referred to as Fitina-mbaya is a contested area called.

“They had stopped at a place called Buya to drink some water and UPDF opened fire on them killing four on spot and wounded a fifth serviceman,” he said.

The incident occurred in Yumbe District in Uganda located at the border of South Sudan. He claimed the place in which the soldiers were killed is a part of Kajo-Keji in South Sudan and is being contested. The victims are three South Sudan People’s Defense Force soldiers and South Sudan National Police Officer.

According to the UPDF, their soldiers returned fire, killing three South Sudanese soldiers on the spot at Fitina-mbaya trading centre in Maru village on Saturday.

Earlier, Yusuf Taban, the local council chairman of Kochi sub-county accused SSPDF of looting power saw and oil from a resident. Taban claimed that the SSDPF soldiers asked the villagers to vacate the area.