Agok Administrative Unit assigns someone to manage Maker Aniet cemetery

A grave in Maker Aniet cemetery | Credit: Deng Korchiek | AIRS 2020

An official from public and environmental health in Agok, has been assigned to supervise the cemetery in Maker Aniet. The worker will be monitoring burials in the cemetery.

Dau Achuil, public and environmental health observer in Agok has confirmed this. This followed a complaint from residents of the area about bad smell caused by poor burial.

Nyankiir Miokol Malual, says the odor from the burial site is harmful to their health. She added the smell attracts dogs which are attacking livestock for example goats.

The Administrative Director of Agok Administrative Unit says police will be taking part in the supervision of the cemetery. This is the only cemetery in the whole of Abyei Administrative Area. The dead in Abyei town are either taken to Agok or buried at homes.

Recently, Abyei town municipality designated two places in the suburbs of the town, where the cemeteries will be located but the community leaders rejected it.