Stolen baby’s parent drops the case

Women’s detention cells at Agok Police Station | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

The father of an infant stolen from Rumdong village is withdrawing a lawsuit against the suspect. Wol Bol says he has forgiven the 26-year-old woman he accused and reported to police for stealing his by then 3 week-old baby girl.

“The baby was given to me by God, if this happen to me and I get her. I need nothing because I get my child,” Bol says.

However, he wants the family of the suspect to be held responsible in case his daughter is kidnapped again.

The father of the suspect welcomed the decision saying describing his daughter’s action as “shameful.”  He committed himself to pay 25,000 SSP for compensating resources the baby’s family spent on following this case.

Community police investigator in Agok, Chol Ador, directed the baby’s father to get an order nullifying the case from public prosecutor.

” This is agreement between them, if they need to drop the case they should come to police station to get a case withdrawal summon,” the policeman says.

The woman has admitted the offence regretting that she would not do it again if she was acquitted. She said she took the baby to adopt because she lost her children.

The  woman was bailed out and she was awaiting trial.