Abyei Women Association threatens to stop orphans’ registration

Chairperson of Abyei Women Association-Ms. Shima Deng

The chairperson of Abyei Women Association has said they will stop the ongoing registration of orphans for Pion Nyan Abyei education support.
The association on behalf of Pion Nyan Abyei, is taking names of orphans who have successfully completed primary and secondary schools, respectively.

Pion Nyan Abyei will be paying for their higher and secondary education children who will meet the requirements. Shima Deng, the leader of Abyei Women Association says she received a phone call from the Director of General Education in Abyei Administrative Area. Deng says Nyankiir Chol Piok asked her to include Education Administration in the registration exercise.

In response, Nyankiir Chol Piok says they just wanted to be informed about the registration. Deng says the organization does not have a specific number of children in need it wants to help.

According to her, they will consider every eligible orphan for the help. The registration is taking place in both Abyei town and Agok.