Food assistance from Riel Nyan Abyei handed over to chiefs for distribution

Some Dinka Ngok chiefs sitting in front of food items donated  by Riel Nyan Abyei

Abyei’s Women Association has given food assistance from Riel Nyan Abyei to chiefs for distribution.

Shima Deng is chairperson of Abyei’s women Association-a body through which the donation was channeled. She says the food items they handed over to chiefs are 23 bags of sorghums, 11 Jerry cans of cooking oil and 11 bags of rice. Shima says the assistance will be distributed to the most vulnerable families in all nine clans of Dinka Ngok.

Arop Kuol Kon is the Chief of Diil, one of Ngok Dinka nine clans. He confirmed the receipt of the food commodities and added that  the distribution of food to vulnerable families will start on Thursday through clansmen. He has thanked the organization for its humanitarian help.