Riel Nyan Abyei donates food items to people in Abyei.

Logo of Riel Nyan Abyei

Riel Nyan Abyei, a community-based organization in United States of America on Tuesday donated food items to the people in Abyei.

Shima Deng is the Chairperson for Abyei Women Association. She confirmed that they received 207 bags of rice, 207 bags of sorghums, 108 bags of beans and 108 Jerry cans of cooking oil. She explains how the items will be distributed.

The supply is expected to arrive in Abyei on Thursday and the distribution will take place on Saturday. A committee comprising members of women association, chiefs and representatives of Riel Nyan Abyei will carry out the distribution.

Still on donation, Peiny Ayiir organization, Khartoum branch has also donated 22,000 Sudanese pounds to people in Abyei. The money will be used in purchase of food commodities.

The items to be purchased will be distributed to people made more vulnerable by separate armed attacks in Kolom, Leu, Miyodol and Dungob.