Relative calm returns to Mabok

One of the houses reduced to ashes during an attack on Mabok on 13/04/2020

Rumammer County Commissioner is urging Mabok people to return to their village. The citizens had fled after an attack by gunmen believed to be from the Missiriya tribe on Monday morning. Mayot Kunit said four people were killed in the incident including an old woman, blind and a handicap old man.

The assailants kidnaped a 7-year old child, burnt down 57 houses and raided 70 goats. Last week, traditional leaders from the two tribes agreed on calm in a meeting in Kec/Diffra.

In late January, Misseriya herders attacked Kolom village, killing at least 32 people and kidnapping several children. That incident caught the attention of the United Nations Security Council which demanded investigations.